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Respiratory Physiologist Functional Medicine Educator

​Special skills 

Introduced the principle of bio-feedback capnometric assessment and evaluation to produce a real-time, accurate and meaningful picture of breathing mechanics, dynamics, physiology and biochemistry.

This is combined with Heart Rate Variability and Spectral Imaging to allow for optimal respiratory balance and stress reduction by pinpointing Cardio-Respiratory-Coupling and coherence.


Natural management of respiratory disorders - Asthma, Snoring, non-obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Relief from disrupted sleep patterns, chronic tiredness, lack of energy and poor stamina.

Natural management of child bed-wetting, adult nocturnal enuresis, hypertension, HVS and anxiety/panic disorder.

Behavioral Management and empowerment to effect change from within.

Stress Management and effective communication skills.

Unique Applications

Created the concept of “Berg Education” – a patient-centered program designed to explain in layman’s terms the relationship between visible symptoms and underlying exacerbatory factors.

“Breathing Disordered Sleep” is a program which takes the ‘accepted’ term "Sleep Disordered Breathing" and explains how daytime dysfunction causes night time sleep disorders.  This is the only system available that successfully manages Central Sleep Apnea.

Roger L. Price