MOVING WITH THE TIMES - November 16, 2017

After 20 years of driving change within the dental and orthodontic professions, by focusing on Posture, Breathing and Behavioral Modification, the message is being heard and significant interest is being generated.

This is no longer something that I can do as a ‘lone ranger’ so I am winding down the Breathing Well operation and have joined up with Better Physiology LTD, the company that developed the CapnoTrainer, and with which I have been closely associated for the past 10 years. 

To this end I will be relocating to Albuquerque NM at the end of November 2017.

We have opened a Specialized Education Division, the focus of which is to explain, in simple terms, why it is so important to include Behavioral Modification processes alongside clinical procedures. These Webinar based education modules cover the fields of Posture, Breathing, Orofacial Myology and Nutrition, which highlight the needs and requirements to make these processes an integral part of dentistry and orthodontics.

The recent Policy Statement from the ADA, together with a very frank assessment of the shortcomings of the way Sleep Apnea is being diagnosed and treated, point the way for dentistry to assume a far larger and more important role in this serious epidemic of sleep-related chronic diseases.

As most of you will know, from my constant ‘nagging’, that the majority of so-called ‘sleep disorders’ are in fact ‘breathing disorders’, and that dentists do not make ‘sleep appliances’ they make ‘breathing appliances’.  The problem is that there has never been any formal training in ‘breathing’ for those making ‘breathing appliances’.

Because of this, The Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences, a Wyoming based University, has created, and now offers, two Academically Credited and Certificated courses which teach Breathing Behavior Modification and Orofacial Myology.

I have no involvement with the Graduate School or their Curriculum.  It is an independent University, with an Academic Board and delivers certificated educational programs.  The programs are delivered online, through live Zoomcasts which are recorded, and can be readily accessed for review through the e-campus portal.

The combination of the education and follow up provided by Better Physiology, plus the academic training from the Graduate School, now provides two professional, certificated, standardized programs through which dentists and orthodontists, and their teams, can seamlessly integrate these vitally important modalities into their clinical practices.

Times have changed and we have entered a new era of Functional Health, as opposed to the tired old model of Symptomatic Intervention.  I feel blessed to be able to play my role in what will be a sea change in the way health is viewed in the future. My email address is and my contact number is (505) 331-1051.

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