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ORTHOPOSTURAL TRAINING for dentists, orthodontists, respiratory/airway therapists and sleep specialists
Address your patients' poor posture, breathing issues and sleep apnea.

The prime function of an Oral Appliance should be to get the patient out of trouble until the cause can be addressed. Using this as a long term strategy has been proven to cause problems. Furthermore, posture and breathing must be in balance.

You will learn the following:

  • Why compromises occur and how to address them.
  • The full mechanism of Breathing covering mechanics, biochemistry and physiology.
  • How to determine the level of brainstem response and how to reset normal levels.
  • How to do a comprehensive Ortho postural assessment.
  • How to identify levels of stress and how to implement a 14 day stress management program.
  • Full explanation of the tongue, its function and dysfunction.
  • Specialized exercises to drive the tongue up and forward to keep it out of the airway.
  • Full color manuals, plenty of hands-on experience to be able to implement the process.
  • All systems, templates, forms and admin processes.
  • Post course mentoring to ensure understanding.


PART ONE TRAINING - 3 day weekend
Fri Sept 8 to Sun Sept 10

Fri Sept 15 to Sun Sept 17

The course is in two parts and each consists of instrumentation and training which can be leased as a package.

PART ONE  $7600
Three day weekend introductory. Capnometric assessment program with all instrumentation, software, manuals, templates and systems.
Leased over 36 months, with full ownership at the end and nothing further to pay.  Per Month  $233 

PART TWO  $2400
Two day weekend  advanced.
Companion device using the same software, provides HRV and EMG signals which overlay the breathing graph showing multiple interactions
Leased over 36 months, with full ownership at the end and nothing further to pay.  Per Month  $75 

This fee includes the practice Principal plus two staff members.  

Additional staff members are welcome at a nominal cost to cover venue, meals and consumables.

This will vary from venue to venue and will be provided once on hand.

Contact for registration, pricing details and financing options. 

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