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Roger L. Price

If the problem is truly more about Breathing than it is about Sleep, and that Dentists actually make “Breathing Appliances” rather than “Sleep Appliances” then it makes total sense for Dentists and their support teams to become educated and trained in the following areas of musculoskeletal and other allied functional systems of the rest of the body:

  • Behavior
  • Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Biochemistry
  • Mechanics
  • Dynamics
  • Function

There have been several organizations and individuals who have been teaching various forms of these topics for several years, but what has been lacking has been:

  • Standardization of course content.
  • Formalized protocols so that everyone speaks the same language.
  • Adequate qualifications for training.
  • Lack of uniform Certification - each organization having their own criteria and standards.
  • Unified Peak Body to oversee codes of conduct, ethics, behavior, advertising and claims.

There is now a solution to these issues.

The Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences, a Registered University in the State of Wyoming, USA, now offers three programs. For program details, visit this portal where new and existing students can view course details and register (please scroll down from the top of the page to find the 3 courses).

  • All are delivered online through the University.
  • All are live interactive Webinars.
  • All are recorded for later viewing or revision should any be missed.

Designed for the medical or dental office that wants the ability to identify Behavioral Dysfunctional Patterns, but not to offer any form of remediation.  This course is open to any staff member who performs other routine assessments or procedures, such as x-rays, impressions, issue of sleep monitoring devices, etc.

This is a 30 hour online course which earns two Academic Units and 30 CE hours.

This course incorporates the Breathing Assessment Certificate and goes further into the identification and processes of addressing behavioral dysfunction. An appropriate qualification in health related sciences is required to undertake this course.

It is 125 hours of online teaching, over a period of 12 weeks and earns 6 Academic Credits and 75 CE hours.  These Academic Credits can be applied towards the Masters in Applied Breathing Sciences - also offered by the School.

The requirement for this program is a BS degree in an appropriate field (or equivalent) and one year of recent experience.

It is also a 125 hour program with 6 Academic Credits and 75 CE hours and is completed over a 12 week Trimester.

CERTIFIED BREATHING BEHAVIOR ANALYST Fall Trimester commences October 7, 2017
CERTIFIED OROFACIAL MYOLOGIST Fall Trimester commences November 4, 2017